Stray Cat Appears at the Perfect House on a Cold Night, Gradually Gaining Confidence as He Embraces Indoor Life

A stray cat showed up at the right house on a cold night. He slowly found confidence when he decided to be an indoor cat.


A Good Samaritan who helps community cats in his neighborhood always leaves food out on the terrace. One day, he noticed most of the kibbles were gone and saw blood stains near the bowl.

“It was a cold night below freezing. Even without seeing the cat, he knew the stray was probably in distress,” Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

He put out more food and set out a humane trap the following night, hoping to get the injured cat safely inside.

He was found as a wounded, scared strayChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“Shortly after, he heard the door shut and saw a ball of fur in the trap. The cat was so hungry that he went straight for the food.”

Life on the streets had taken a toll on the cat, leaving him wounded from battles with other animals. Terrified, he cowered in a corner of his new room, trying to hide.


“His rescuer sought help for the cat and reached out to us,” Celine shared. “He was scared and skinny. He had a wound on his leg, watery eyes, and was FIV+. We took him in and named him Balth.”

Balth huddled in a sink at the vet’s office. He was overwhelmed by fear but didn’t have a mean bone in his body.


He was finally on the mend with treatments and plenty of nutritious food. Over time, his wound healed, his eyes cleared up, and he began to feel safe. “Balth didn’t know humans before arriving with us. He started socialization in his foster home.”

Balth took refuge under a bed and only came out briefly when no one was around. He looked bewildered with wary eyes, hiding in the shadows for the first few days even though the worst was behind him.


The comforts of home eventually won him over, allowing his confidence to grow. He ventured out from hiding one night to explore his surroundings.

He warmed up to his foster carer when he realized their arrival meant a meal was imminent. Upon hearing the opening of a can, he emerged from under the bed and approached them with newfound confidence.


Balth would never have to worry about where his next meal would come from.

Slowly but surely, he accepted pets from his people and even nudged them for more. “With a routine and the gentle care of his foster family, Balth learned to trust and even found his purr.”


He lowered his guard through positive reinforcement, and the fear in his eyes melted away.

“He is a gentle soul with huge paws (polydactyl) on his stocky legs. He’s come out of his shell and now craves affection. He has started to play and enjoy cuddles and will rub against his people if he wants more.”


Balth is around three years old but still a kitten at heart.

“His socialization has progressed so well thanks to the love and patience of his foster family. He’s especially excited when it’s time for his favorite food.”


“He loves to eat, sleep, and play with a laser toy. He adores other cats and is very sweet with them despite his past. He follows them around, eager to be their friend.”


Balth has come a long way since he was rescued as a wounded, scared stray. Now, he walks around the house with his head and tail held high and lounges by the window, basking in the warm rays.


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