The Boys Creator Hopes to Reunite Supernatural Stars Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

The Boys showrunner, Eric Kripkehopes to re-unite Jensen Ackles (who plays Solider Boy in the show) with his former Supernatural cast mate, Jared Padalecki. Before overseeing The Boys for Prime Video, Kripke created Supernatural for The WB in 2005. Fans of Supernatural have been desperate to see Ackles and Padalecki (who play Dean and Sam Winchester, respectively, in Supernatural) re-unite after the show wrapped in 2020.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kripke revealed that fans’ hopes are more than just a pipe dream, and that he has had conversations about bringing Padalecki to Prime Video’s superpowered world. “Texts have been sent,” Kripke revealed. The news comes after Padalecki’s series Walker was recently canceled by The CW after four seasons, potentially leaving the actor’s schedule open. Kripke continued:

“I feel like it would be a bummer to not have Jared on the show one way or another at this point, even if it’s just the one-episode thing. He’s been shooting Walker, but with that show wrapping up, maybe he’ll have some time to come in and play with us. I would love it. We have definitely talked about it.”

While he likely won’t be appearing in The Boys‘ upcoming fourth Season (which drops this June), fans are hoping Padalecki could make an appearance in the show’s fifth season, which has already been greenlit. Ackles isn’t the only actor Kripke has brought to The Boys from his time on Supernatural. Nathan Mitchell, who played Kelvin on Supernatural, has been a part of The Boys since the start, portraying the ominously quiet vigilante Black Noir. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester in Supernatural) is also set to make his The Boys debut in Season 4 as Joe Kessler, a mysterious character with close ties to Billy Butcher (Karl Urban).

Walker Has Officially Been Canceled by The CW

Walker‘s future has been uncertain for some weeks. The series, which first aired in 2021, was not mentioned in The CW’s slate of 2024/25 releases. This was then followed by reports that the crew had begun deconstructing sets ahead of the show’s potential cancelation. Jared Padelecki was the one to break the news to fans. In an Instagram post, Padalecki revealed the show’s fourth season would be its last, saying:

“It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you. #Walker will not be airing on [the] CW for a fifth season. It’s a tough piece of news to be sure, but we are SO thankful for the #WalkerFamily that has been built, both on set and off. After four seasons together, we have felt the love and support from the entire #WalkerFamily, and we will be forever grateful.”

The CW then released a separate statement confirming the show’s cancelation, and praising Padalecki’s work as both the show’s leading star, and as an executive producer. Their statement read:

“We want to thank the entire cast, crew, writers, directors and producers of Walker for their hard work and dedication over four incredible seasons. We also want to give a special thanks to star and executive producer Jared Padalecki, who has been a member of the CW family for over 20 years and was integral to some of the biggest hits on the network.”

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