The Cat Can’t Run Away From The Dogs, Cats Crying For Help in Weakness!

When this cat was found, he could not get up, and his entire back was covered with saliva, which very clearly indicated what had happened to him. Due to injuries, the cat’s hind legs do not work at all, to move at least a little, he leans on his front legs and slightly raises part of his body. When the cat was found, he looked terrible.

The girls noticed him when they passed between two high-rise buildings. At that moment, the cat was tormented by stray dogs, which the girls dispersed, only the damage had already been done. The bites fell on the spine and sacrum. Judging by the state of the cat, he was in a state of shock, in terrible pain.

The cat didn’t even have the strength to move. It was impossible to wait, it was necessary to deliver him to the clinic. Doctors suggested internal bleeding in the thoracic region, which is extremely dangerous to health. And yet, operations in this area are the most expensive, so we hope that the assumptions will not be confirmed, and everything will not be as bad as it seems at first glance.

In addition, the cat has a very low temperature and pale mucous membranes, which indicates a large blood loss. While the cat is being injected with painkillers, we are trying to do everything possible so that he gets to the operating table as soon as possible, because this is the only hope

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