The “Crazy” Phenomenon in Kylian Mbappé’s Life

Designing my own picture on the cover of a magazine at the age of 15, four years later, everything became a reality.

It sounds unbelievable, but it is the true story of world-class player Kylian Mbappé. Before becoming a professional footballer and the star he is today, Kylian Mbappé received a lot of attention. At the age of 14, he was invited to join his admired team, Real Madrid, after a week of training in Spain. However, in the end, Mbappé chose Monaco, a team with a rich tradition in finding young talents. And until now, this is still considered a wise choice by Mbappé.

During his time at the AS Monaco football academy, Mbappé and his friends were given an assignment by their teachers to design a magazine cover featuring themselves. This assignment was meant to remind the students to sit down and reflect on their future, on the person they wanted to become.

In the academy environment, Mbappé always stood out from his peers. His teachers noted that he was intelligent, determined, confident, and more mature for his age. These were the qualities that made the young player shine.

Điều điên rồ trong cuộc đời Kylian Mbappé: Tự thiết kế ảnh mình lên bìa tạp chí năm 15 tuổi, 4 năm sau mọi thứ đều thành sự thật - Ảnh 1.

Even in the ideas for the assignment, Mbappé was different! Instead of using mockups of magazines like French Vogue, GQ, or Paris Match like his classmates, Mbappé came up with the idea of designing his own cover on Time magazine. He chose a suitable image of himself, posing as a true star, sitting with his hands clasped in front of his chest and his head tilted to one side.

Notably, the main headline on the cover was printed in bold white letters, saying “El maestro” (the master). Additionally, there were smaller headlines in the corner, describing Mbappé as the world’s best young player, the top priority choice of the French national team’s head coach, and the future of football.

It would have been normal if it were just a dream or a simple desire of a confident and talented 15-year-old. However, this turned out to be a prediction of the future because four years later, after completing that assignment, Mbappé actually appeared on the cover of Time magazine. It was no longer a self-designed and imagined product; it was entirely real. At 19 years old, Mbappé won the 2018 World Cup and became the youngest goal scorer in a World Cup final since Pele. At that time, he was also regarded as the best young player in the world and the representative of the future of football.

Điều điên rồ trong cuộc đời Kylian Mbappé: Tự thiết kế ảnh mình lên bìa tạp chí năm 15 tuổi, 4 năm sau mọi thứ đều thành sự thật - Ảnh 2.

In a recent rare interview with The New York Times, Mbappé had the opportunity to look back at that magazine cover image. Without saying much, the French player simply said, “It’s crazy.” It is known that this is the word he often uses to describe his life and the astonishing milestones he has achieved.

Mbappé told The New York Times reporter, “You know, when we are 15 years old, we have dreams. Every child has dreams. But when it becomes reality just a few years later, everything really is crazy.”

Even now, as a football superstar, a fashion icon with numerous lucrative endorsement deals, or a world-class player, the fact that the dreams of a 15-year-old quickly became reality at the age of 19 is truly “crazy” and unimaginable.

Điều điên rồ trong cuộc đời Kylian Mbappé: Tự thiết kế ảnh mình lên bìa tạp chí năm 15 tuổi, 4 năm sau mọi thứ đều thành sự thật - Ảnh 3.

Many believe that it seems to be a predetermined arrangement of life for Mbappé. From a boy in the suburbs of Paris to the world’s top football talent. Currently, at 23 years and 363 days old, he scored a hat-trick in the final and became the leading scorer at the 2022 World Cup. Despite only securing the runner-up position, in the hearts of fans, Mbappé remains a “normal person” in a special way. It’s rare for anyone to be shaped into a star before the age of 15, become a professional player at 16, and be a national treasure at 24 – truly “extraordinary” and far from ordinary.

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