The inevitable Season 5 renewal of The Boys creates a stakes problem for the show.

With Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys officially renewed for a fifth season, the franchise looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, but this creates a problem with the show’s stakes. The Boys has been one of Prime Video’s flagship shows ever since it debuted in 2019. The realistic and violent depiction of superheroes offers an alternative to the likes of Marvel and DC while maintaining an interesting and unique premise. With The Boys season 5 officially confirmed, the franchise doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but this does create a potential problem, particularly with the show’s return.

The Boys season 4 looks to be the most controversial installment yet, as its political themes and unhinged heroes seem destined to divide audiences. Despite some shows doing their best to steer clear of controversial subjects, The Boys has embraced it and made it a big part of its identity. This only makes season 4 more anticipated; however, the franchise’s latest announcement may have actually done more bad than good for The Boys‘ return. While fans may be relieved to know the show still has some life in it, season 5’s renewal does risk overshadowing the upcoming storyline.

The Boys Season 5 Announcement Lowers The Stakes Of Season 4

Season 4 Won’t Resolve The Boys’ Biggest Storylines

The buzz around The Boys season 5’s renewal proves the franchise is still incredibly popular, but it also hurts the stakes for season 4. Considering the theme of the season seems to be a political divide between Starlight and Homelander supporters, the show should feel more high stakes than ever. Homelander’s unfiltered villainy being shown to the world and gaining supporters should indicate that season 4 will be filled with violence and brutality, yet season 5’s announcement somewhat downplays this. The Boys hasn’t been shy when it comes to bloodshed, but despite this, most of the central characters have survived.

None of the main protagonists have met their demise and while there are some theories about Frenchie dying in The Boys season 4, it seems like most characters will return for season 5. This announcement a month ahead of the show’s return makes season 4 less exciting, as Homelander will almost certainly stick around until the next installment despite killing him being The Boys’ main focus. With most of the other central characters likely to be safe as well, it suggests there won’t be many major character deaths, lowering season 4’s stakes.

Announcing season 5 ahead of season 4’s arrival was likely an attempt to add hype to the show’s return, but in reality, it makes The Boys ‘ upcoming story feel less important.

Announcing season 5 ahead of season 4’s arrival was likely an attempt to add hype to the show’s return, but in reality, it makes The Boys‘ upcoming story feel less important. There could still be some major twists, especially with new characters joining the cast to potentially replace any departures, but it seems inevitable that season 5 will still have all the major players and continue the ongoing battle between The Boys and Homelander.

The Boys’ Renewal Was Inevitable Thanks To Gen V Season 2

Gen V’s Second Season Means The Boys Can’t End With Season 4

Despite the poor timing of The Boys season 5’s confirmation, it was inevitable after Gen V‘s renewal. The Boys spinoff had a strong first season, as Gen V introduced a plethora of new, important supes while linking to the main show. The series featured some key characters from the franchise, such as Ashley Barrett, Victoria Neuman, and Homelander who all had a major impact on the story. Gen V‘s finale even set up The Boys season 4, emphasizing how important each show is to one another, meaning the spinoff’s renewal all but confirmed The Boys season 4 wouldn’t end the series.

Every Show In The Boys Universe Rotten Tomatoes Score (Tomatometer) Rotten Tomatoes Score (Audience)
The Boys (2019) 93% 83%
The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022) 97% 72%
Gen V (2023) 97% 77%
The Boys: Mexico (TBA) N/A N/A

Gen V season 2’s confirmation meant The Boys season 5 had to happen, otherwise the main story would be wrapped up in the spinoff. The announcement of The Boys: Mexico made season 5 even more likely, as ending the main show before the release of a new spinoff would be detrimental to its chances of success. The Boys franchise only seems to be growing every year, and with Gen V looking like a massive part of its future, season 5 was always on the cards. However, the show could still continue for years to come.

The Boys Should Probably End With Season 5

The Boys Risks Running Out Of Steam If It Goes On Too Long

Anthony Starr as Homelander covered in blood, and Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys

Despite The Boys continuing to be a huge hit for Prime Video, it should probably end with season 5. The intensity has been heating up over the years and season 4 looks like it could have some big ramifications, even if most characters survive until season 5. However, there have already been some small critiques about the show’s pacing and repetition, which will only get worse if The Boys doesn’t begin working towards an ending. Beyond killing Homelander and taking down Vought, there aren’t many other objectives, meaning the show should end once this story is resolved.

Extending this beyond a fifth season risks the show running out of steam and beginning to feel like some of the franchises it has parodied. Prime Video will be desperate to keep it going given how big The Boys universe has become, but going on for seven or eight seasons will make the series lose a lot of its charm. Even if the spinoffs continue after the main show’s conclusion or the surviving characters get their own series, season 5 should probably signal the end of the main story; otherwise, The Boys may tarnish its legacy.

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