These Cat Costumes Are Hilarious, Even If Your Cat Disagrees

Cats embody the spirit of Halloween, unlike any other pet. Sure, they’re a symbol of the spooky season, but we’re talking about the deep disdain that appears on their furry faces when you dare to stick a tiny hat on them. Of all the cat Halloween costumes on the market, these are our all-time favorites. The glares? Withering. The scratches? Worth it, especially if you have a costume party invite.

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This Frog Looks Like It’s Seen Some Things

Why your cat may kill you: For a human to say they “own” a cat is bold as it is. To dress them up as something as goofy as a frog? Even more preposterous. This particular cat outfit also comes with a number of other hats, including a bunny hat, a sunflower hat, a lion’s mane and, get this, a banana hat. It’s ridiculous, and we love it.

And This Clawed Cowboy Definitely Terrorizes the West


Why your cat may kill you: Did you not get the memo? The only acceptable jeans this season are either low rise or oversized. Whatever this denim monstrosity is, your cat is way too cool for it.

This Lion’s Rage Is Palpable

Why your cat may kill you: Cats already see themselves as lions. They don’t know they’re small. In their heads, they’re ruthless killing machines. Dressing your cat in this fluffy cat accessory makes an absolute mockery of the essence of feline ferocity. Cute, huh?

Panthers Are Just as Terrifying

Why your cat may kill you: As if a mane isn’t bad enough, these cat ears feature the classic Halloween colors of black and orange. Like your furry friend is some kind of adorable decoration, not the ultimate overlord of the living room. Amazon user, Ashley, is braver than we are. She tried this black panther costume on both of her cats and lived to tell the tale: “Overall, this was a fun experience for me — without traumatizing my cats too much.” 

Bat Cat Isn’t Exactly Thrilled, Either

Why your cat may kill you: This black kitty would absolutely take over the world if it could. If it could fly, even better. Lucky for us, it can’t. It can’t even take this fake pair of wings off without assistance. Its lack of opposable thumbs is infuriating, and the side of the couch will pay the price later.

This Pet Costume Says, ‘You’re Fired’

Why your cat may kill you: Your cat doesn’t care who you voted for. Whether you’re a fan of Trump or making fun of him, doing so via a cat toupée is like asking for them to use your laundry basket as a litter box.

This Cat Is Toast, and His Owners Are, Too

Why your cat may kill you: Cats don’t like collars as it is. This cute costume is just a giant, foamy collar that gets in the way of their daily grooming routine. Plus, it’s embarrassing. Look at the claws above and prepare yourself before you click “add to cart.” Maybe throw some Neosporin in too before you place the order. In the words of one reviewer, “I love it. Cat hates it. 5 stars.”

This Cat Costume Is Chill, but His Face Is Anything But

Why your cat may kill you: Cats like to lounge, but they also take themselves very seriously. The only thing serious about this cat costume is the amount of therapy they’ll need after Halloween. Since cat therapists are few and far between, copious amounts of canned tuna will suffice.

Ho Ho No

Why your cat may kill you: Once again, we’re required to remind our readers that cats are owned by no one. That’s what they think, anyway. Most of them see us as annoying, oversized can openers. And then we have the gall to dress them up like an Elf on the Shelf? Go for it, but consider this year’s Christmas tree done for.

The Doctor Will See You Now

Why your cat may kill you: Cat costumes are already offensive to their delicate egos, but dressing them up to look like the vet? Might as well adopt a dog while you’re at it. That’s how deep the betrayal runs.

Get Ready to Nurse Your Wounds

Why your cat may kill you: The only thing worse than being dressed up as the vet is being dressed up as the vet’s assistant. All they really do is administer shots and take temperatures, and the latter is uncomfortable for all parties involved. No, thank you. Unless you have two cats or need a costume for the kids, in which case it’s totally worth it for the pics.

Professor McGonagall, Is That You?

Why your cat may kill you: If your cat’s a Harry Potter fan, they will judge you so heavily for this cat costume. Professor McGonagall can already transfigure herself into a cat, so why would any self-respecting feline dress up as Harry Potter instead? Ridiculous. If your cat happens to be an actual witch or wizard, this might be your last Halloween.

The Devil Himself Would Flee When Faced With This Cat Costume

Why your cat may kill you: Admittedly, the devil vibes match this cat’s energy. Unfortunately, cats prefer to exude evil without the help of claustrophobic capes made of cheap satin and frivolous feathers. Is this some kind of joke to you?

Happy Halloween?

Why your cat may kill you: Halloween is supposed to be spooky. How dare you make your cat look cute? They will tear this cat costume to shreds as soon as they figure out how to wiggle out of it. Until then, enjoy your photoshoot.

Want Your Cat to Look at You With Soul-Crushing Disappointment? Say No More

Why your cat may kill you: This cat’s face says it all: “Really, Janet? I know I have six nipples. We all know I have six nipples. I thought we were going to be mature about this.”

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