Toddler with no hands calms his crying baby brother by giving him a pacifier

Three-year-old toddler, Camden, was born without legs or hands but that doesn’t stop him from calming his crying newborn brother down by placing a fallen pacifier in his mouth.

The heart-warming video went viral after it’s shared by their mother, Katie Whiddon. People were amazed to see the sweet boy managed to help his mother out even with the absent of his legs and arms. Newborn Jaxton was laying down on a bed and his brother Camden was nearby when the newborn started to cry when he lost his pacifier.

Jaxton’s brother heard his cry and came to the rescue

Even though he does not have fully-formed arms and legs like other children, he managed to lift the pacifier up to his crying baby brother’s mouth by using his face and his arm

The 3-year-old Camden was born with no legs and his arms end around where his elbow should be, caused by phocomelia syndrome and amelia.

Phocomelia syndrome is a congenital birth disorder which affects the formation of limbs from growing normally and amelia is a birth defect which happens when a baby is missing one or more limbs

Katie, their mother said Camden often helps Jaxton out like he did in the video. “Camden is always right there to give him his pacifier and wipe the spit up off of his mouth,” she said. “This time Jaxton was crying and I said out loud to him that I was getting his pacifier. Then Camden said, “I got it Mommy!” So, I grabbed my phone and ran over there to capture the moment.

“This is an everyday thing for us, but I thought our friends and family would like to see it,” she added.

Camden is an independent child and he likes to do his things on his own without other’s help.

However, if he really needs help, he will ask for a help from Katie and his daddy

“He’s awesome and can do so many things you’d never believe unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes. The comment I get most is, “I never knew how fast he can move!” He might not have legs to get up and run, but that boy can roll and scoot super fast! Don’t underestimate someone just because of the cover they were born in,” said Katie.

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