Tough Kitten Half The Size Of Others Is Determined To Live A Full Life

This tiny kitten who is just half the size of your average house cat was rescued along with 10 of her siblings but was the only one to survive

Meet Hope, the survivor kitty!

Hope and her 11 siblings were rescued by the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter, they came along with their mother and father

“We don’t know how she had a litter of 11, but they were all hers. They came from a bad hoarding situation. Even though the kittens were with their mom they started getting sick,” said their foster mother Patricia Rusek to Love Meow.

One by one, the kittens’ health deteriorated and they began passing away. Only Hope and her sister were left at six weeks old along with their mother

Unfortunately, their mother stopped feeding them, prompting Patricia to start feeding them. Hope’s sister Angel fought hard but eventually succumbed to an infection

“Then there was only one left which I named Hope. Out of 11 kittens, she was the last one still hanging on.”

“I was worried sick everyday hand feeding her urgent care food with supplements daily. She had to be fed every two hours small amounts like a bottle baby even though she was older because she was that tiny,” said Patricia.

Hope eventually started coming around and became more and more energetic and keen to eat

“She is very tiny for her age but day by day even though she wasn’t growing she gained more energy, started fattening up her belly and becoming more healthy,” Patricia told Love Meow.

Tiny Hope eventually became close with another average-sized foster kitten named Logan and began spending all their time together

They keep each other company all day, they each together and even sleep together in their favorite bed

“She runs and plays like a normal kitten her age so she is developing great just not size wise she will definitely be a small cat.”

Hope is always seeking love and attention, and to be honest, who can say no to that face.

“She’s growing very slowly but growing.”

It is truly a miracle that the kitty only weighs 1.78 pounds at 3.5 months old.

“She is happy, healthy, loves people and other kittens. She is growing a tiny bit at a time, and I’m so happy she made it,” said Patricia

All credit goes to: Patricia Rusek @fosterkittensvegas

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