Viral! This selfie taken by this cat might be better than yours

There are lots of people are addicted to taking selfies by using their smartphone and it becomes something of a normal occurrence. Nonetheless, what happen if a cat loves taking selfies as well? Could it be better than yours?

It probably sounds a little bit bizarre, but a cat named Manny is going to question your norm while simultaneously impressing you. Much like a human, he loves to take selfies or at least cuddle GoPros camera.

According to an Instagram user @youremahm, this kitty started to use the camera unintentionally when it reached out to the camera which was ready to capture a shot. Now, Manny’s selfies went viral among the internet users.

@youremahm told Love Meow “He is the boss of the dogs,” describing a group of pooches in the background of selfies shot by Manny.

@youremahm revealed that he met Manny by chance. At that time, Manny strayed onto the road shortly after @youremahm’s old cat died. Since then, they always go through days together.

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