When Volunteers Saw the Rescued Cat, It Shocked Them!

The Good Samaritan noticed a kitten huddled in the bushes along with his brothers and sisters and desperately fighting for life. And then it became clear that the kitten was not quite ordinary.

Emmit, his brothers, and sisters were taken to the vet, taken out of the bushes. They were only two weeks old and were suffering from illnesses.

Alas, Emmit’s brothers and sisters soon died, but he held on tightly to life. The vet contacted the Milo Shelter in Burbank, California. The shelter accepts cats with special needs, and the veterinarian hoped that the baby would be helped there. Rescuers received Emmit with open arms. “For more than two weeks he was fed through a tube, kept on antibiotics, and cared for around the clock. We didn’t know if he would survive, but he did,”.

Emmit has a peculiar muzzle because he was born with a cleft nose and a partially cleft palate. He is very small for his age, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in energy. When Emmit was cured, rescuers noticed his slightly staggering gait. “He has a slight cerebral hypoplasia. He staggers funny and jumps with difficulty, but he tries his best, they said.

“He’s so tiny, but he has a huge life ahead of him.” Emmit is a little miracle! He will forever be a small cat with a cleft nose and an uneven gait, but he is happier than he could have dreamed, thanks to the rescuers who did not abandon him.

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