Woman Records Carefree Life Of Her Cats And Shares It Online, Watch It And You Will Be Jealous

Ever questioned what your adorable cat does all day? They have a 24-hour day, just like we do, and even though they spend the majority of that time sleeping, they can not possibly sleep all day, am I right? So what will they do when they are unemployed, out of school, and without any money to pay their bills? If you are still wondering, a woman from Liguria will help you answer this question.

Alessandra, who lives in Liguria, a beautiful region in Italy, is raising up to five cats. She had the same idea as we have today, and she decided to figure it out! She started documenting the daily activities of her little feline and then frequently posted them on her own social media account. Alessandra is there to capture the cats’ behavior, whether they are enjoying the sun on a rooftop or munching on some tasty snacks.


Looking at pictures of Alessandra’s kittens is such a delight because her cats make such adorable models. It is understandable why 62.9k people follow the account.

Following this are 30 stunning photos of these wonderful felines, so take your time and enjoy their amazing daily lives!
















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