World Celebrated First Birth Of Endangered Leopard Cubs In 20 Years

An endangered species of leopard gave birth to three little kittens in a zoo located in Taiwan.

This is an unusual sight since these leopard cats have not given birth in captivity for decades!

Mother Ping Ping and all three kittens are healthy and have been around recently!

Ping Ping does not leave their side, as she is extremely protective of them. She gave birth to two females and one male kitten.

The eldest and also the first of the two females is named Mao Xiong, the second female is named Cat Control, and their brother is named Cat Lord.

The species have been hunted for meat which has reduced their population. In spite of all these, the three tiny ones are a ray of joy and hope for this species.

It melts our hearts that they are so cute, and we can not but wish them the best as they grow to become big cats!

The post gathered a lot of comments on Facebook, and most of the comments were filled with cute words to welcome the kittens.

@ShryanPollit commented “So beautiful. I hope they stay healthy and grow up to be big kitties.” @CarolDixon also had the best wishes for them “Welcome to the world little ones. You all take care and stay safe.”

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