7 Times BLACKPINK Tried To Conceal Their Undying Love For iPhone

When a K-Pop group officially endorses a product, they’re supposed to use that product…right? Apparently, BLACKPINK didn’t get the memo, or at least, that’s what they’ll say if Samsung asks! While under contract with Samsung, the members tried (but failed) to hide their undying love for Apple‘s iPhone. Here’s proof!

1. Rosé’s digital eraser

Rosé posted a photo with Halsey on Instagram, then realized Halsey’s iPhone was on display. Whoops!


To hide the brand, Rosé deleted the post then erased the lenses. She re-uploaded the photo like nothing happened, but BLINKs know the truth.


2. Jennie’s crop job

According to fans, Jennie deleted this photo because her iPhone could be seen on her lap.


When Jennie re-uploaded the photo, the phone was nowhere to be seen. It vanished, thanks to the magic of photo editing.


3. The spoon that exposed Jennie’s secret

Who knew that a spoon could be an enemy? This meddlesome utensil gave away the fact that Jennie was taking this photo with her iPhone. Naturally, she deleted it ASAP.


4. No logo, no problem?

Rosé must be very good with Photoshop these days because she’s had a lot of practice! Fans say she was quick to delete-edit-post this photo…


…after she erased the Apple logo and telltale camera lens.


5. The balcony blunder

Once again, it was up to Rosé to save the day! She deleted this photo from her Instagram, supposedly because of Jennie’s iPhone. It’s shame, really, because the pic is gorgeous.


6. This double whammy

Not only is Lisa holding an iPhone in this deleted photo, she’s also capturing an LG advertisement in the background. Poor Samsung. Love hurts, doesn’t it?


7. Contracts can’t stop Jisoo from loving BLINK

While under contract with Samsung, Jisoo recorded herself on a BLINK’s iPhone at a concert. At the time, fans joked that she was willing to risk BLACKPINK’s endorsement deal for BLINK’s sake.

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