Aamir Khan’s Ghajini co-star, Pradeep Rawat, who played the eponymous villain in the 2008 psychological thriller, recalls the time when the superstar used profanity during the climax fight sequence’s filming.

The 2008 psychological action thriller Ghajini showcased Aamir Khan in a new light, transforming him into a macho action hero with a chiselled physique that became the talk of the town. In a recent interview, Pradeep Rawat, who played the eponymous villain in the film, recalled an intense fight sequence where Aamir screamed in pain and possibly used profanity for the first time

During the climax scene, shot in Hyderabad, Rawat’s character, Ghajini, was being chased by Aamir’s character, who sought to avenge his lover’s death. Rawat leapt onto a mattress, ensuring there was enough room for Aamir to land safely, but instead, he heard a scream. “I was supposed to run for a bit and jump on the mattresses, and Aamir was supposed to follow suit. While jumping, I ensured there was space for Aamir to jump and land on the mattress, but the next I heard was him crying in pain. ‘Are baap re…!’ I saw him scream in excruciating pain. This was the first time I heard him abuse,” Rawat recalled during a recent chat with Siddharth Kannan. “He had to be picked up. Aamir Khan doesn’t abuse, but pehli baar unke mooh see gaali suni thi,” said Rawat.


Nevertheless, Aamir’s dedication to his role in Ghajini was shocking. To achieve his iconic six-pack abs, he pushed his body to its limits by consuming less water and avoiding salt and followed a rigorous workout regime. The extreme dehydration combined with the demanding action sequences took a toll on his body, causing him to suffer a severe cramp during that particular scene.

In a strange coincidence, Aamir faced another painful incident at the same location a month later. This time, as he attempted to lift Rawat and pin him against a wall, the Dangal actor experienced another excruciating muscle cramp. Rawat recounted, “I heard him scream in pain. This time, he had to be lifted on a stretcher. He wasn’t in a condition to walk. The fight sequences required a lot of running which meant he lost a lot of fluids and suffered a cramp owing to the dehydration.” His ex-wife Reena Dutta arrived on set, and he was taken away in a wheelchair and flown to Mumbai, halting the film’s production for three months.

Recently, Aamir and Rawat reunited during the celebration of 25 years of Sarfarosh in Mumbai. They also worked together in Ashutosh Gowariker’s period musical sports drama film Lagaan.

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