Netizens Are Worried About BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Health After Watching Her New Video. David news

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has netizens concerned about her health in a new video.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Since debuting, Rosé has always had a slimmer frame and has showcased her proportions during concerts, photoshoots, and when attending events.


Yet, a recent video has sparked concerns about the idol’s health.

On June 2, a new video of Rosé was posted, and netizens were excited to see that she was filming something. Netizens also couldn’t stop gushing about Rosé’s hair and styling as she interacted with an adorable dog that was on the shoot with her, whether it was part of the schedule or belonged to a member of staff.

When the video was posted on TikTok…

Netizens had other concerns. Upon seeing the video, they thought that Rosé looked extremely skinny, and while she has always been slim, fans were worried about her health. While being naturally slim isn’t uncommon, considering the tough reality of being an idol, it’s not surprising that many fans were worried about Rosé.

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As always, netizens care for the wellbeing of idols, and as it has been a while since Rosé has updated fans, or fans have seen an update, they are shocked by how slim she seems.

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