One Piece: Oda Confirms A Big Truth About Nika

The Egghead Island Arc of One Piece has been continuing with great intensity, and while this arc has featured some of the most intense battles that the fans have seen in the entire story, much of the attention has been taken by Vegapunk’s speech, which is, undoubtedly, the biggest event so far. This speech has revealed some of the most important bits of information pertaining to the lore of the One Piece world, and fans are eagerly waiting for more information from this genius scientist, who only recently passed away.

Of course, Vegapunk was always going to reveal key details pertaining to the Void Century and all the secrets related to it. In doing so, he tackled some key bits of information about the Sun God Nika as well, and now, fans have clarity on the existence of this individual.

Elbaf’s Tales Of Nika

There Existed Tales Of the Legendary Sun God Nika In Elbaf

The very first thing that Oda confirmed pertaining to Nika in One Piece chapter 1114 is the origin place of this individual. This certainly does come as a surprise to many fans as it has now been confirmed that Nika originated from the lands of Elbaf. In his message, Vegapunk started talking about the past, specifically 900 years ago in the One Piece world, which marked the beginning of the Void Century. According to Vegapunk, it is during this time period that the birth of the main character of the story took place and this individual fought with a rubbery body that could stretch and shrink, just like the legendary Sun God Nika from the tales of Elbaf.

It was said he would bring laughter to their lips and free them from their suffering!

While this is a very small bit of information and most of the focus goes to Joy Boy, the fact that Nika was confirmed to be a legend from Elbaf is very important. Fans always knew that the people of Elbaf worshiped the Sun God. As such, one might wonder as to what exactly is new in this part of the message. However, there are other cultures in the One Piece world that also worship the Sun God. These are the winged races of the Shandians, and also the Skypieans were seen praying to the Sun God as well. There are also the Buccaneers of the One Piece world, who have close ties to the Sun God Nika as well, and are also avid believers in the power of this God.

Clearly, the Giants were not the only ones who worshipped the Sun God. As such, now, fans have proper confirmation of the fact that the Sun God was indeed from the land of Elbaf, which means that the next Arc of One Piece, which is going to be all about the Giants, is going to be very important for Luffy, and fans will get to hear a lot about Nika and all his legends from histories.

The Creation Of The Nika Devil Fruit

The Wishes Of The People Created This Mightu Devil Fruit


Fans know that Luffy is currently the embodiment of Nika and this came to be only after he ate a Devil Fruit. Essentially, Luffy’s Devil Fruit, which fans know to be in the Gomu Gomu no Mi, was originally the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. This Devil Fruit is classified as a Paramecia. However, in reality, it is a Mythical Zoan-type fruit. It is believed that this Devil Fruit came into existence at some point around the Void Century, or possibly slightly before. Given that Vegapunk recently confirmed that Devil Fruits are born from the desires of people, it is easy for everyone to see how the Nika Devil Fruit came into existence.

The people of the world, especially those facing oppression and the horrors of slavery, have always worshiped the Sun God and longed for his return. As such, when oppression was rampant, people likely prayed for the existence of the Sun God, and this led to the creation of the Nika Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit was then consumed by Joy Boy, who became the very first Nika of the One Piece World. Joy Boy went on to fight against the 20 Kings and battle their oppression with allies by his side. However, as fans know, he failed.

That said, in his final message, Joy Boy clearly mentioned that he will return in 800 years and that eventually, someone else will finish the job that he started. After Joy Boy’s death, the Devil Fruit entered circulation once again, and avoided the World Government’s grasp. This is down to the fact that Zoan Devil Fruits have a will of their own, as confirmed in One Piece chapter 1044.

Eventually, this Devil Fruit found its way to Shanks, who took it to Luffy, who ended up consuming it, thinking it was dessert. Had Luffy not been a perfect fit for this Devil Fruit, the Gomu Gomu no Mi would have eluded him as well. The fact is, Luffy was chosen by this Devil Fruit itself, and that is what sets him apart from the rest.

Was The Sun God Nika Real?

The Sun God Nika Was Just A Myth After All


The biggest thing pertaining to the Sun God Nika that Oda confirmed in One Piece chapter 1114 is the status of its existence. For the longest time, fans were wondering as to whether Nika was real or not. Now, it has been confirmed that Nika exists only in the form of tales from the land of Elbaf. No one really knows whether this God was actually real or not. The only person who was called Nika before Luffy was Joy Boy. However, the tales of Nika far precede even Joy Boy.

He was the first to take to the seas. The first that came be known as a pirate!

This means nobody really knows whether this God truly existed. It is just that this legend was spread over Elbaf, and eventually, when the people of the world faced a lot of oppression, they wished for this God to be real. It is those wishes of the people that ended up giving rise to this Devil Fruit, as confirmed by Vegapunk himself. Given that all Devil Fruits are a different path to human evolution, this Devil Fruit made Joy Boy into Nika, and, after him, Luffy into the Sun God as well.

Essentially, it has now been confirmed that Nika was not a real person during the Void Century. He only existed in the form of tales and myths that spread from the land of Elbaf to the world, and eventually, was brought to life in the form of a Devil Fruit.

Of course, there is always a possibility of Nika actually having been a real being in the One Piece world that existed long ago. But, knowing Oda, he will likely not go down that route. Keeping this part of the story under wraps is actually much better. The fact of the matter is that whether Nika was real or not doesn’t change much. The people of the world wished for his existence and he was born in the form of a Devil Fruit. Joyboy stepped up and became Nika himself. Similarly, right now, Luffy is doing the same and will go on to be Nika until he breathes his last breath.

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