These 13 K-Pop Idols Ranked Among the Top 20 “Most Handsome and Beautiful in the World 2022

Each year, several outlets get fans worldwide to vote for who they think are the most handsome or beautiful people in the world. Thousands of people vote, and the results are normally released after the deadline closes. Recently, the social media platform Special Awards did its contest, and thousands voted. Unsurprisingly, a lot of K-Pop idols made the list.

Here are the 13 K-Pop idols who made it into the top 20 “Most Handsome and Beautiful in the World 2022.”

1. BTS’s V – 1st place

For many netizens, it wasn’t surprising that BTS’s V was at the top of the list. Since BTS debuted, netizens and those who don’t even know about K-Pop haven’t been able to get enough of the idol’s visuals. Many have compared V to an anime character with his distinct features but also the warmth in his eyes and when he smiles.

2. BTS’s Jungkook – 2nd place

BTS’s youngest member Jungkook just missed out on being first place, losing out to his hyung. Throughout the years, ARMY has watched Jungkook grow from a young teenager into a man, and his visuals have had the same evolution. Not only does he have the best visuals but his personality makes him shine even more.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo – 4th place

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was the highest-ranking female idol on the list. Ever since she debuted, Jisoo has gained attention for her elegant and sophisticated visuals, and it has meant she’s the perfect ambassador for Dior. Whether she is on stage or at a public event, Jisoo always shines with her visuals.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie – 5th place

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was in 5th place and the idol has always been praised for her visuals, even when she first debuted. No matter where she is, Jennie always wows with her beauty and showcases her natural visuals whenever she can. Jennie shines and cements herself as a global idol no matter where she is.

5. BLACKPINK’s Lisa – 8th place

Just missing out on the top five was BLACKPINK’s Lisa. The Thai-born idol has always gained attention for her visuals and amazing on-stage presence. No matter what she’s wearing, Lisa always makes sure her visuals stand out more than what she’s wearing, and she can make even the simplest outfits look like they came straight off the catwalk.

6. BTS’s Jimin – 9th place

For many, BTS’s Jimin has visuals that could easily be described as regal. Through his background in dance and his features, everything Jimin does has elegance and sophistication, whether it’s his dazzling smile or finishing beautiful lines when he’s on stage. Jimin also has this innocence to his visuals that look pure and angelic.

7. BTS’s J-Hope – 11th place

The happy virus and main dancer of BTS took 11th place as J-Hope continues to wow people with his visuals. On top of being extremely talented and charismatic, J-Hope’s looks are undeniable as he can radiate pure sunshine one minute and dominate the stage with his sexiness the next. It’s a rare combination.

8. BTS’s Jin – 12th place

Many were surprised to see that BTS’s Jin, AKA “Worldwide Handsome” was only 12th on the list. Yet, it shouldn’t take away from the idol’s visuals and how much love everyone has for Jin. No matter where he is, Jin always looks phenomenal and the fact that his personality is just as handsome makes him the whole package.

9. BTS’s RM – 13th place

The leader of BTS is truly an underrated visual in the K-Pop industry. When RM smiles, it seems like the whole room brightens up as he has this infectious energy. When he’s on stage, he becomes a completely different person, showcasing sexiness and charisma that is hard to beat.

10. ATEEZ’s San – 14th place

ATEEZ’s San is the highest-ranking fourth-generation idol on the list. When he first debuted, San caught the attention for his adorable cuteness, but over the years, he has definitely matured and is always going viral for his visuals. In particular, netizens can’t get enough of his proportions as the idol has broad shoulders and a tiny waist.

11. TXT’s Hueningkai – 16th place

After their debut in 2019, TXT has always gained attention for being true all-rounders, and their visuals are no joke either. Although all of the group could’ve made the list, the youngest member Hueningkai took 16th place. Despite being born in 2003, Hueningkai has perfectly managed to balance being cute and sexy, adapting to concepts perfectly.

12. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa – 17th place

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are the true epitome of a visual, ATEEZ’s oldest member Seonghwa definitely deserves to be on the list. As one of the official visuals of the group, Seonghwa always showcases his beauty and amazing proportions. In particular, many have compared his looks to a real-life prince with sharp and distinct features.

13. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin – 19th place

Since debuting, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin has always gained praise for his regal visuals. No matter whether he is showcasing his personality on the stage or being adorable with the members, he is definitely a true visual and could even be compared to an anime character with his features. Throughout the years, his visuals have matured and will continue to in the upcoming years.

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